QA / QC Check In Radiology
QA / QC Check In Radiology

QA / QC Check In Radiology

QA/QC Check In Radiology

The routine QA tests are necessary to ensure that the functional performance of the equipment is similar to its baseline values and within the tolerance values as specified by regulatory body.

These tests should be performed by a qualified service engineer(s) at user institution(s).

These tests should be performed at regular intervals (once in two years) and at major repairs of X-ray equipment.

The goal of the QA Program is to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis.

The minimum radiation dose should be delivered to the patient to achieve the objective of the diagnostic or interventional procedures.

Medrad conducts all types of Yearly Quality Control Service or Acceptance Tests for all diagnostic equipment in radiology, dental clinics with calibrated QC Tools which gives assurance to the importance of accuracy in dose delivery in radiation generators and also to ensure quality and effectiveness and avoid accidents and incidents in the workplace.

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